The Morn of Wed

Morning campers!

How’s ya Wednesday looking?

I’m going to work, then I’m gonna come home from work and veg out until bedtime. It’s gonna be a rollercoaster.

Can’t believe there’s2 simultaneous wed threads with similar titles. What a life

Off to the doc’s. Need to get a new laptop charger, but not from the doc’s.


Do we need some sort of schedule for who makes the day threads?

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Three morning threads. What a mistake-a to make-a.

So bloody windy. Usual Wedenesday protocol - head over to see my friend in her cafe at some point, do anything but my MA, try and get some work done.

Morning everyone :octopus:

I went on a fairly impromptu 2nd date last night, had lovely curry and nice beer. It was a good date

I’m WFH today which is good, but I also have quite a lot to do today which is bad. And a have a sore throat which is also bad.

I am still in bed though which is very good

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Morning troops. On the train to Edinburgh for work. Not much to report.

Morning Juke, all,

Got into work to find that a load of work I did yesterday has decided to corrupt, so pretty sure I’m going to have to do that all again, which will be slow - it takes this file about quarter of an hour to open a few hours to refresh and IDK a long while to save and I swear it’s not even my job to do this.

Also made the mistake of logging onto Facebook before going to bed last night and there were loads of lovely photos of my nephew and family and that made me feel sad and then I had a really weird dream about my parents.

on the plus side, I’ve just remembered The Pauses exist so I’ve got this on loop this morning: Unbuilding - Album by The Pauses | Spotify

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Treated myself to a lie in. Still so sleepy.


Morning :wind_face: Got the dentist before work :grimacing: Met an Italian Mastiff yesterday who kept sitting on me, don’t think anything today can top that.


It’s so windy here I keep thinking I’m going to end up in Oz

Morning all!

I slept quite well and got up a whole 15m early. Still arrived at work for the same time.

I’m eating sausage and mash tonight.

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Hello all.

Just got in from the pub quiz. Finished out of the money by one point. Our scribe failed to write down anything for one question, where I’d made a wild guess that turned out to be right :rage:

Weather is muggy and I’m feeling tired and sweaty so it might be time for bed soon. Could use some of @ sarahispi’s wind.

It’s my god damn birthday. Whoop. I’m a prime number; always a bonus.


Today is my Wednesday, but also my Friday. Off tomorrow and Friday. For some reason, there is still a massive amount of fallout from the bits I mentioned in the evening thread last night, and this is making my day at work tougher than it needs to be. Also having a feedback/mini review with my boss (who hasn’t mentioned a single word to me about my performance in almost 4 months). So feeling a bit nervous today.

Also, Happy Birthday @Scagden


I just had the great idea of moisturising before I shower and science backs it up as a great idea.

Slept so badly last night because of the storm - sounded like the world was ending! Bit fed up with this crap weather.

I just booked an appointment to see the dentist on Tuesday.
Haven’t been in about 10 years :grimacing::grimacing:

Brexit news: The Whetherspoon in Caversham is apparently closing down at the end of the month.

Off to Geneva again today for a couple of weeks. Haven’t finished all the work I need to go before leaving. Flight is gonna be fun.