The morning of Friday the 13th!

Good morning, good yawning

Try not to have bad luck guys x


Hi Theo, hi niknak

My bad luck happened yesterday so today is dealing with the fallout. Have to send an email I really didn’t want to have to write. It’s the culmination of 18 months of stress and frustration that I thought was about to finally end, but instead has been prolonged indefinitely :pensive:


Oh no, I’m very sorry to hear that. Good luck with getting the mental energy to write that email x

Good morning,

Slept terribly and up early as I have deliveries coming today. :tired_face:

Last night my son and I sat in the garden until about 1.30am watching the perseids meteor shower and it was amazing. We had such a good time. We’re really lucky here in rural France because there’s very little light pollution so the skies often look amazing with more stars than I’ve ever seen elsewhere. I think we might do the same again tonight.


Sent 12 letters, 2 e-mails and one teams message before 8:30am. And thought of a possibly fun thread idea. Need a nap.


meeting some pals and their new babby for lunch

might ikea after work

thatssit i think

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Morning all!

I’ve got a blood test in an hour and then I’ll be spending about four hours pretending to work before my day finishes. My careers interview is at 11.00 so I should think about what I’d really like to be when I grow up.


Ooof, that’s surely not the sort of job you want to ‘might’ about. More of a girding of loins type affair!

(I think our baby gear was pretty evenly split between IKEA and John Lewis in the end.)

Ive heard footballers are pretty well paid.


That or a fire engine is currently top of my list.


Una Stubbs RIP :cry:


picking out a horror film for tonight, I have settled for Cache (2000)

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Oh no :frowning:

Yeah she was great :pensive:

My little Una Stubbs story:


Morning all

Hope everyone is well :slight_smile:

Having a Friday treat breakfast of praline croissant while WFH and listening to a lovely Mogwai playlist. Been blackberry picking in the garden this morning to take some down for my Mum in a bit, but in the process i’ve nettled and prickled my arms up a treat.

Had a decent sleep and a uneventful and short dream which featured a couple of DiSsers so that’s interesting to report!

My attempts to make my hair wavy haven’t been so successful and it’s more…wild but I can work with that.

Have a good one all!


Holla! Day of pottering around the house today, not much planned but that’s quite nice.

I’ve bagged an hour lesson with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson in September, which I’m pretty excited about.

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Morning! Last day WFH before a week in Cornwall, so I’m simultaneously demob happy and drowning under the weight of everything I need to do before I go.

Also, I picked up a film from the lab last night which I’m just scanning in and the pics are looking REALLY cool, which I’m dead chuffed about



Going home

Don’t wanna

@keith rockstar

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Morning :wave:

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Shades puked under the dinner table at breakfast this morning

So that was a nice start to the day

Morning everyone!

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