The most bored you've ever been

Probably in the middle of a quiet shift on the tills at Tesco for me. Literally nothing you can do to break up the tedium but count down the minutes until you can go home.


Just reading this now


Having to go into the office between Christmas and New Year a couple of years ago when I was temping somewhere – I quite literally had no work to do, and was one of three other people in the whole building.

when i used to work at WH smith as a teenager. probably.

or when my mum would take me to Woking peacocks shopping centre and spent 3 hours + just browsing and trying on clothes in TK Maxx. Although she’d get me a PS2 magazine sometimes to shut me up.

Did you have internet access?

Probably somewhere around the 8 hour mark of American Honey whilst having to look at Shia LeBeouf not doing anything interesting some more.


I did, but that novelty wore off after the first couple of hours

Usually on a plane after about 5 hours


Just watch Guardians of the Galaxy for the third time, it’s fine.

Usually between 2-4 pm at my mam’s pub. Highlight of the day is usually the soduko. Then I put a few wrong answers in the Daily Mail crossword cos the one regular who likes to do it is a proper racist Brexit homophobic cuntbag.

At a Los Campesinos gig.

(never seen them)


Some church service, like a Baptism or something. No hope, no escape

In a police cell overnight. Cold, can’t sleep because they keep the light on. Eight hours of nothing.

Still, at least it wasn’t a baptism, eh?

This is obviously the correct answer. Long haul flights are utterly tortuous

Literally dreading one in 2 weeks where I’ll be on my own. It’s fine when theres someone there to be like “this is pretty shit innit” but when you’re alone for 14 hours i am worried i’ll go insane

Back in 2008 I was working offshore on night-shift. I had been put on board on nights because there was a bed available for some survey work I needed to do. I spent two hours working and finding what I needed and then had five full days to kill before there was a space on a helicopter to get me home.

I was so bored I signed up for’s message forum.

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coulda tugged a few out, surely?

I have always done the prep.
Book (maybe two): check
Music: check
Laptop with films on it: check

But I still find myself:
a - crushingly bored
b - utterly knackered
c - unable to sleep