The most important quiz...

He says Buckingham Palace in a Jamaican accent

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I can’t get that webpage to scroll in Chrome, Firefox.

Had to open Safari to do this quiz. It’d better be worth it.

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“What does Derice reply with when Irv tells him his father rather 100 metres in “10 flat”?”

Great editing on this.


I’ve seen this film once, not long after it came out, so over 20 years ago.

I also haven’t seen this film since the original cinema run, was happy with 14/20.

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Gonna do this having never seen it



Got the “watch out for turn X” question wrong

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Got 10

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I’ve never seen it before.


You all really need to spend today watching Cool Runnings.

Clearly not

Once every 20 years or so is NOT an appropriate CRV (cool runnings viewing) ratio.