The most interesting thing I learned this weekend

Eating a Polar Bear’s liver will make you very ill and possibly kill you. Too much vitamin A apparently.

Interesting stuff, I’ll bear it in mind next time I fancy something different off the butcher’s counter in Morrisons.

I remember seeing a documentary about some Antarctic explorers who died after eating too many of their dog’s livers.

Same with huskies. People have nearly died on Arctic expeditions after running out of supplies and trying to eat them.

[quote]There was a quick deterioration in the men’s physical condition during this journey. Both men suffered dizziness; nausea; abdominal pain; irrationality; mucosal fissuring; skin, hair, and nail loss; and the yellowing of eyes and skin. Later Mawson noticed a dramatic change in his travelling companion. Mertz seemed to lose the will to move and wished only to remain in his sleeping bag. He began to deteriorate rapidly with diarrhoea and madness. On one occasion Mertz refused to believe he was suffering from frostbite and bit off the tip of his own little finger. This was soon followed by violent raging—Mawson had to sit on his companion’s chest and hold down his arms to prevent him from damaging their tent. Mertz suffered further seizures before falling into a coma and dying on 8 January 1913.


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