The most LURKED threads of all time



here you go, the top 20 most lurked threads OF ALL TIME

  1. Chromecast Audio
  2. How many sources should you include in a dissertation?
  3. About the Social category
  4. Please do not post videos directly from Twitter in topics, as they auto-play
  5. Content notes, trigger warnings, safer spaces and SSP
  6. Portraits Of Balonz
  7. I’m worried about Joel Golby
  8. Arrival
  9. The Trip to Spain
  10. Mclusky/FOTL lyrics as brand slogans
  11. Colleague quotes 2.0 (rolling)
  12. Black Mirror
  13. The Handmaid’s Tale
  14. OFFICIAL thread for cataloguing when people done other people there 2.0: The Bloodening
  16. Guardian
  17. Girls (final season thread)
  18. ALL NEW lord sugar on twitter
  19. Real life dissing
  20. London Bridge incident

NB: this is in terms of thread views / thread replies


that chromecast thread is on an UNBELIEVABLE 3k views with only 11 replies in the thread. amazing!


oh yeah, straight in at #18 :muscle:


12 now


was hoping this thread would be up there one day but think we’ve fucked it


oh wow i wonder if the video i put in the autoplay thread still autoplays


dunno if the views only count people who are logged in or if it counts everyone?

@theo ?


<3 it still autoplays in da club :slight_smile: