The most Monday-ful thread of the year

Last Monday before Christmas! Kinda!

Big hugs to anyone working retail.

Might go see Sorry to Bother You tonight.

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do not want


Got the day off as I got back from Faro late last night.

Bit chilly innit

Round the corner from me, there’s a mini cattle grid thing inbetween the grass/path and the kiddies slides and swings - to discourage folk from taking their dogs into play area presumably - anyway I was out walking the dug and made the mistake of stepping onto it. Feet went out from under me. Managed to hook arm onto railings and stop myself landing on my arse. Now have a sore crook of my arm and chin/jaw, for some reason.

Not sure if this is a good omen or not. On the one hand I didn’t crack my head off the path/metal grid but on the other hand, ouchy.

Going to Croydon.

That’s all I’ve got.


My school has broken up early, my kids are in school till Wednesday. I’m in bed and they hate me.


can’t stop thinking about this guy going into his work today

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“who wants to bring their dad a cup of tea?” has not gone down well.


Merry Monday! managed to forget to check my turmeric porridge and it went all over the microwave, so it feels like I’ve been at work about 10 minutes less than I have, which is great!

Need to go in early, at least one day this week,today is not that day.


I’m off to Corby

phew thanks!



Both bases covered within five minutes. Good work team! A new record.


Couldn’t wake up this morning. Start wprk in half hour and I have to walk in as no bloody bus money, so be late for work or WFH and start early/on time. No one is in this week so WFH seems the completely sensible option.

Had some prosecco yesterday as I just couldn’t refuse it :neutral_face:

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Morning. Got some work Christmas drinks at 1pm before I go to the cinema for It’s a Wonderful Life, Life of Brian, and for the first time since an Alex Cox/Mark Cousins Moviedrome on BBC2 decades ago, Brazil.

Loft insulation is getting fitted today. Pretty, pretty exciting.

What time is early?

Hey everyone. Have today off, and tomorrow. So getting the train to Brighton to meet an atd for some beerz and a catch up. Trying to decide a route.

This is great advice! :smiley: