The most recent time you described something as weak

  • It was to describe something that was lacking power
  • It was to describe something bad
  • It was because you’d misspelled the term for a period of 7 days
  • I can’t remember
  • I have never described something as weak

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It was almost certainly in reference to how bad a penoid card was.

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It was probably about a glass of squash that was more diluted than I would care for it to be


That is a real shame when that happens. And it never quite seems right to top it up with more squash does it? Concentrate in, water on top, that’s the way the world works.

I believe the lacking power options in the poll addresses this, but appreciate that my poll options perhaps could have been more specific in this regard. I will try and improve in future polls.


Voted accordingly, thanks for clarifying.

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Would definitely have been my bladder

Discussion about my favourite Skunk Anansie track

@1101010’s bench press attempt

(Tried to tag maosm but can’t for some reason)

Big fan of this


His middle name is 0 that’s why

So good.

He’s too stoned.

Made me think of this:


Without wanting to blow your mind, I put the water in first then the concentrate. How do you like them apples?

A pub had a beer that was being described as an IPA but it was only 4.4% ABV.

actualoled at this :smiley:

this still makes me laugh