The Most Targetted Ad You've Ever Had


Had one on that there Facebook earlier for a language learning thing specifically going on about how much better it is than Duolingo. Had been using Duolingo right before I saw it. Still freaks my nut out to this day.


Extra small fleshlight


BRIGHTON resident on SKY ISP you are our 123,452,129 visitor and have won 6 million dollars.


Scary because it was all true



I got one advertising Survvor Series!


sean’s been giving me adverts for


I know someone who found a wife on there (I shit you not) and now both our sons are in the same swimming class! So crack on, my friend.


Surely this isn’t much of a surprise. Google or whatever found out you were using Duolingo then an algorithm decided to target that said add to anyone who used Duolingo.

It would be freaky if you hadn’t used Duolingo but we’re about to.


dunno maybe on the old site, i forget the name, it was for a cosmetic surgery. It might’ve been called myla, there was always a girl stood in knickers and bra which wasn’t great for work. I discovered one day that they were actually just round the corner from work, never saw the girl in the ad though, maybe she didn’t work for them anymore.


I watched a program last night on plastic surgery where a lady wanted bigger boobs so she went to belgium cause it was half price, got it done, flew home, then like 2 days later got life threatening septicemia and had to have them taken out by the nhs. Then the clinic in belgium said they’d re-do the boob job for free as a sorry so she went back and had it done again and then she flew home and a few days later, the same thing happened but only to one of them so they wanted her to remove them both but she was so desperate for big boobs she kept one so she at least had one big boob.

Friday banal

The scariest targeted add I get are all for diabetes medication. It scares the shit out of me. Now I’m a skinny bloke but did over do it with the sugar as a kid it’s almost single handedly made me want to get checked for diabetes.


third time’s the charm


Got this today:


Did she get the other popped in down the line or is she still living life with one big and one less big boob?


she is still living life with one big boob and one small boob and is stuffing her bras so she now has the look of two full boobs


Wow. Well as long as she’s half happy I guess.


i don’t think she is, no.

also her mum was like i can’t believe what they’ve done for her and i’m like ffs mum you’ve let her go for TWO dodgy boob jobs are you thick its half price for a reason


her cup is half full?