The Most Targetted Ad You've Ever Had


Where the hell did you find this programme meo?!


I name you cyclopseboob!


Channel 5 of course


facebook’s suggested posts definitely seem to have got way more accurate at taking your information

or are they are new thing, and they just don’t register as adverts and so don’t get blocked?


We all saw this right?


Not ^this


Got a promo email from Amazon earlier that was 90% Christmas films starring dogs.


I don’t recall requesting either of these things, but I’ll take the lobster costume over the powdered kale.


…alright, close enough.


I get a lot of raf/army/navy ones, and then Smiths tshirt ads. Don’t know what the powers that be want the army to shape up like but can’t imagine Morrissey fans are the hardest lot. (Think one’s just age or location based, the smiths things probably search history innit)



think sean’s finally getting the algorithms down