The Most Unfathomable Things of the Last 10 Years

What did you NOT see coming?

My nominations:

  • Trump
  • Tricky joining Beyonce on stage at Glastonbury
  • Brazil 1 Germany 7
  • Leicester City Football Club winning the English Premier League
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My weird old Labour MP, mostly known for winning Parliamentary Beard of the Year, almost becoming Prime Minister.

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He could still be, tbf

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Manchester United appointing David Moyes as manager and his first major signing being Marouane Fellaini.


the big hat lad in Razorlight


David Bowie’s ex-wife being in the Big Brother house with David Gest and receiving the news that Bowie had died, relaying that info to Tiffany Pollard who became very upset thinking she meant Gest
(who had been unwell) was lying dead in the next room, Gest after leaving the house announcing that he would tour the UK that summer with the “David Gest Is Not Dead But Alive With Soul Tour!”, then dying before that could start.


Murdock marrying Jerry Hall


David Bowie and Prince passing away so close together, and Bowie turning his death into a work of art with that album. Still amazes me how that happened.
Leicester winning the PL and England reaching the World Cup semi finals are both pretty far-fetched too.




Everyone knows the answer to “Who is Tony Stark better known as?”.


still get that initial shock at thinking “oh yeah, Donald Trump is president”


Chicago Cubs winning the World Series (per John Darnielle) and the Hurricanes winning the Super Rugby. title

  1. Trump. Everything about it, but especially how quickly he’s eroding our institutions and all of the Nazi stuff. (The Republican Senate and House supporting it is no surprise at all though.)

  2. Billy Corgan going on Infowars

Milo Yianopoulos started out writing Digimon reviews for Breitbart

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'canes winning against the lions isn’t that much of an upset Shirley

Leicester winning the prem leaguec4sure

The actual plural of Octopus being Octopuses


Years of watching the Canes beat all the good teams away, and then lose at home to yer ma and a few of her mates make any victory a surprise (it’s more about getting to the final than beating the Lions as such).

Plus up until then I was convinced Wellington sport was cursed sometime in the 1980s - we’d always lose for ridiculous reasons (‘you have the best running backs in the entire rugby world? Good news! We’re playing the final in completely unexpected fog and your players won’t be able to see more than 5 metres’. ‘Beat everyone in the round robin? The most economic bowler in the country will break his hand fielding early in the final’…etc).

Pretty mad that Instagram went from not existing to being bought by Facebook for $1bn in the space of two years

Yeah, I remember that run to the final. Smashing the chiefs in the semis. Beautiful stuff.