The Most Unfathomable Things of the Last 10 Years


On the night Obama won I thought “This is all very well and good, but who can succeed him and maintain the Democrats’ momentum in 8 years’ time? The pendulum could swing back round to a very reactionary and divisive presidency.” So it proved :-/


That almost the entire catalogue of recorded music would be made available on streaming services.

The iPod completely disappearing, considering it’s meteoric rise in the 2000s


So wise


I didn’t think people would be so divided between left and right, progressive and conservative, “shut up snowflake!” v “No, YOU shut up, ya gammon”, and make extra bold type, crystal clear definitions of what is/isn’t PC, problematic, offensive etc, no questions asked.

I’m 33 so probably grew up in the most “ironic” age for humour maybe it had to flip 180 with people 10-15 years my junior, it’s great that a lot more (18-)23 year olds will call things out for being bigoted and unpleasant but I don’t think they can contextualise as well because of mass social media. My friends and I did say things, find things funny we cringe about a bit now but I think mostly when we/our audience were in on the joke, it was hardly a Bernard Manning gig in the 70s where some racist was chuckling “Hear, hear, he’s dead right hyuk hyuk”


LCFC…an unbelievable achievement …David conquering Goliath…but about 6 of them…My most enjoyable football memory outside Arsenal and rare moments of Ing-er-land optimism


got mine on right now


Mine broke ages ago so i moved to a cheaper MP3 player with a massive SD card in, but just got a massive wave of nostalgia from that pic of the interface.


mine was working fine until a couple of months ago where i cant put new songs on it now. it still plays fine and had it for like 12 years


twitter being taken seriously enough to become the centre of #thediscourse


Having a Labour Party with over 600,000 members and socialist leaning policies rather than one being run by near-Tory warmongers.


I’m dreading the day mine packs in. Am I going to have to start listening to CDs in the car again?


On the night Obama won I thought “This is all very well and good but Leicester will win the premier league and the 'canes, despite never having heard of them until until the morning of the 14th September, will win the super rugby”. Unfortunately I thought that Instagram would be invented and then sold to Instagram within 18 months but you can’t win 'em all.


I’ll be honest, I only started this thread to talk about Leicester.


The GE2015 result


I agree with this. People look at me very strangely at work for still using an ipod and i can’t believe how archaic downloads seem in 2018.


Yeah someone called me grandad earlier this week when they saw this on my desk… its still a great bit of kit


I just ordered the new Low album on CD!!!


That is exactly the one i’ve got (160GB ipod Classic Black) and it also sits on my desk at work and is treated like a museum piece (“oh, i haven’t seen one of these for ages!”).


bought 2 CDs in the last week haven’t i


An electric car magnate publically calling a cave diver a paedophile because he mocked his submarine.