The Most Unfathomable Things of the Last 10 Years


I’ve bought eight vinyl singles in the last week. :grinning:


Yep, exactly the same here.


Learning that “statesmanlike” David Cameron once put his penis into a dead pig’s mouth.


Pail Gascoigne doing a load of charge then taking some chicken and fishing rods to go visit someone on the run after shooting a police officer, in the middle of an armed standoff


That there is still next to no meaningful gun control in the US.


The whole Kony 2012 thing


The brief, massive popularity of PSY in the west



People cutting pizza with scissors


And drying ham with tea towels


Dog playing piano


Kate Bush performing live.


I might do this tonight.


That period of about two months when everyone was eating horse meat


Amazing how Brexit and Trump have completely overshadowed this but let’s not forget, when the Tories won in 2015 that was a bloody shock. Between the whole of 2010 -2015 it felt like we were waiting for Labour to win the next election rather than hoping for it.


No-one was expecting a Labour win, think everyone was more just hoping they could build a coalition.


CTRL+F Tinchy Chuckle Bros duet



Arrow in the fed-ex logo


That marcofella’s real name is Marco Fella


jobless fella