The Most Unfathomable Things of the Last 10 Years


Just googled the story and it’s ten years old in November.


Babyfella could join the boards in a few years


By win I mean get in government either with a majority or coalition, although towards the end of the parliament it got a lot less predictable. Don’t think anyone honestly expected the Tories would be back though, which is why I still find it hard to believe Brexit was actually voted for and is happening. I don’t think anything we’re going through at the moment is actually real, it’s too un-real.


Vince Carter still being in the NBA and contributing.


That Games Workshop, in this day and age, can continue to afford rental in city centres.


Sean’s “the board has exploded like a pussy zit” post


The opinion polling leading up to the election pretty consistently suggested a hung Parliament. The majority was certainly unexpected.

Although looking at Wikipedia Labour were ten points ahead in 2012 and still six points ahead at the end of 2013. It was really only going in 2014 that the gap closed. The graph here is fascinating:

So I can see where you’re coming from - feel like this has largely been forgotten give the credibility walloping the polls got after the election.


Yeah, I remember this as I started getting into politics around 2012/13. The lead that Miliband had over the Tories at that time was basically as good as Blair’s.

Having grown up as a child/teenager through New Labour I’ve been conditioned to think that Labour are the ‘natural government’ of Britain, that’s why I was so shocked by GE2015 (and then realising in fact the Tories won more elections in the 20th century than Labour. It’s like everything I’ve ever believed isn’t true, although that’s been exacerbated to an even stronger degree by Brexit. Like how on earth did we get here?).


I was gonna say this, weirdly. Saw I sign in Hungary for something called Kony and it reminded me of #kony2012 #neva5get


New Milburn album.


It’s definitely Leicester City. Brexit and Trump were explicable in hindsight. Leicester City winning the league is still utterly demented. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was the result of some kind of Faustian pact made by Jamie Vardy.


Maybe not unfathomable, but it’s almost exactly ten years so what the hey


Most unfathomable information of the last ten years without a doubt.


It’s not that shocking really


Oh man that’s funny


Trendy pubs reviving pickled eggs as a bar snack


The bit where the NUFC press manager tries to establish that everything said is off the record fucking half way through the interview and then he gives them the green light to print it anyway 2 seconds after is comedy gold :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Same! Great piece of kit. But then, I’m reeeealy old.


Wait. What??


I posted on here as early as 2008 but I felt more like a pensioner then than I do now