The Most Unfathomable Things of the Last 10 Years


That some people would take Katie Hopkins as a concept seriously and like/trust her most toxic views :frowning:


The slow dawning realisation that we’re living in a simulation


at different point over the last ten years, many of the things mentioned here would’ve been plausible

to suggest that leicester would win the premier league? i thought it was impossible right up till it actually happened


Gazza turning up at the Raoul Moat standoff.


Basically, I’m a born pessimist so I expected a hung Parliament and expected the Tories to go into coalition with some kind of opportunistic wannabes.


some team won at football, who cares


You might enjoy this…


I can’t believe Liberace was gay. I mean women loved him. I didn’t see that one coming.


that gif of the dog underwater and it looks like an angel

is it real


Been pondering this and I think the event I’ve struggled most to comprehend is the murder of Jo Cox. A sitting MP stabbed to death in the street in broad daylight by a far-right terrorist. It sort of got swallowed up in ‘events’ of the time but I continue to find that it actually happened more chilling than anything else in the last 10 years I think.


Not strictly in the spirit of the thread, but I’ve just realised that in 2018 we are further from This Life +10 than This Life +10 was from This Life. This is the first time a ‘this will make you feel old’ thing has worked on me, and I did it to myself.


What are you talking about?


He has got ‘egg’ on his face.


can’t believe that we finally proved the earth is flat

via a poll


As i recall, ‘This Life+10’ was very disappointing, although, i can’t remember anything about it or what the story line was.


The fact that there was basically no response to it at all, and within about 2 weeks the daily mail were back to basically calling for all judges and politicians they didn’t like to be lynched was depressing, but not exactly surprising.




Same, but I distinctly remember being very disappointed by it.


Well that isn’t true. It just happened in the middle of something (Brexit referendum) which then appeared to supersede it in spite of the two events being seemingly closely linked. To say there was no response to it isn’t right but seems to me that the focus was more clearly on Brexit etc. and political infighting and “ooooh aren’t these interesting times” or whatever when a sitting MP was literally stabbed to death in the street. In the middle of the day. Don’t think the magnitude of it was fully grasped. And perhaps I was guilty of that at the time as well, I dunno.


Only remember it being Ferdy’s funeral (though they never mentioned how he died) and their reunion was being made into a documentary for some reason. it was really bad.