The Moth Radio Show



It’s full of people who absorbed in themselves who think other people want to here their story.




In being so right, I’ve killed the chat


I just didn’t know people still listen to the radio in 2017 is all.


This is the least insulting insult I’ve ever seen


I’m not trying to be insulting!

Is it one of those hipster faux-nostalgia things, like vinyl?


People come on and tell a (self absorbed) story, it seems very popular in US. Like. I could on on there and tell people about my chatless thread and how it made me a better person.


and I’ll have you know, it’s a digital radio.


I listen to the radio all the time.

Talksport listenership went up 44% in the last year supposedly according to Talksport


Well I’m convinced.


here my song