The Murder Capital

One of Ireland’s golden trio of heavily pushed acts at the moment. Big mates with Fontaines. More consciously “arty” then them though - less Oasis influences. Better live too.

Album is out next week. Should be good.


Got tickets to see them in Bristol later this year. Liking what ive heard so far

i’ve been cynical of the hype and the deliberate 1916 dress sense but their singles have been quite good actually, especially Don’t Cling to Life. album is decent (except the second last track is a bit odd).

gonna go see them do a free show tomorrow evening which should be interesting. i saw them back before Christmas but they’d only released More is Less which i wasn’t that keen on and was mainly there to see Just Mustard


I’m enjoying the album.

Yep album is ace. Looking forward to seeing them later this year

Really loving the album. Feels very consciously crafted as one work - and the sequencing’s perfect. Looking forward to spending some more time with it as the lyrics seem pretty cool, too.

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Caught them do a last minute free set in Workman’s in Dublin last night, delighted after I missed the album launch.
Frontman always had bags of presence but adding Gabriel Paschal Blake of For Foresters on bass was a masterstroke - really good counterpoint onstage.

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Saw them today, was supposed to be outside a record shop but was moved to a venue nearby due to the weather forecast. Very short set and they only did one of the singles (seemed weird to play one of the slow album tracks instead) and I’m still a bit turned off by the stage managed image and stage show but the songs themselves are v good

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Really liking this album

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Mostly enjoying the album. It sort of oscillates between ‘Heaven Up Here’ era Echo & the Bunnymen and first-album Editors.

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Probably agree with this, although I don’t particularly like either of those.

The first track on the album is a worldie. I like first tracks too much, realised this when I made my playlist of the first half of the year.

This album is the best debut I’ve heard in a while. Just wish How the Streets Adore Me Now wasn’t on it.

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Really liking this record too and coming back to it a lot…I actually really like ‘How the Streets Adore Me’ but can see how some might find it a bit jarring against the rest of the album

I love the slower numbers. I skip Feeling Fades and Lovex3 on my walk to work for time constraints.

Really, really enjoying this album. It’s way more grim than I was expecting - suits me down to the ground

Really like this but can we use these lot to rehabilitate Goth? Cause this is a Goth record.

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Excellent debut record, possibly the best of the year so far. Strong hints of Heaven up Here era Bunnymen, Comsat Angels, Chameleons etc (all very good things) and as others have said wonderfully gothy.

They’ve successfully hit a sweet spot between melody and darkness which is very hard to get right.


Like it. Could make my top 5 this year, but behind Fontaines D.C. in terms of debuts for me.

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The singles are all great but JFC that sequence Slowdance I > Slowdance II it’s phenomenal!

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Add the second half of Green & Blue to the start of that.