The music in Poundland

Fuck’s going on there then?


Music magpie or something similar, hence why it’s 90% landfill indie from the mid/late 00s

It’s amazing isn’t it? Like the staff have written songs and they record them in the store once it’s closed.


It sounds like a load of office workers in a misguided attempt at forging a music career have recorded an album together, produced by Deborah Meaden

lmao yes

Oh I thought you meant the music for sale, not the music playing in there.

Gonna have to pay attention now.

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Slightly off-topic but the music in Wilkos is usually really good. Did hear the theme from Grange Hill once though which was a bit odd

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I love that someone runs a facebook page compiling these

One pound job
In the city it’s alright

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Everyone go to Poundland today and enjoy the music.

Also I’m not happy with my description up there, change office workers to accountants or corporate lawyers.

Was laughing at safari’s post in the shower this morning.

They should just own it and release an annual ‘Best of Poundland’ compilation