The music of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and J. Spaceman

Good innit. I guess Ladies and Gentleman… has to be the high point. That rewired my 17 year old mind. Really love Lazer Guided Melodies too, and pretty much all Spacemen 3 stuff is excellent. His more recent work? I dig that in a big way too, particularly Sweet Heart Sweet Light.

Talk Spaceman. Here and now.


The high points (both live and on record) are incredible. The low points are pretty dull.

Ladies and Gents is his last great album, although I think Let it Come Down has aged well - the run from Lazer Guided Melodies to Let It Come Down (including live releases and EPs) is pretty fantastic, all in.

Sweet Heart, Sweet Light had some good moments and was an improvement on the two albums before, so I’ve got a bit of optimism about any new stuff.


Best Spiritualized gigs I’ve went to were the full Ladies and Gentlemen performance at the Sage, and the Acoustic Mainlines gig at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh (the latter is probably in my top 3 gigs ever).

The first five albums are pretty much perfect, and even the more recent three have their high points (e.g. Lord Let It Rain On Me, Soul on Fire, Sweet Jane)

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Yeah, I guess Grace and A&E got a bit ‘by numbers’ in parts. Seriously regret not seeing the full album performances of L&G. Definite top 10 all timer for me.

Mentioned this on DiS before, but ladies & Gentlemen was released on the exact same day as OK Computer. I picked both up at the same time and fairly quickly decided that L&G was VASTLY superior to OKC. Not changed my mind on that over the past 20 years tbh tbf…


eh, Spiritualized got slightly worse with each successive release. I don’t remember anything about Sweet Heart besides finding it fairly boring.

Used to listen to Spacemen 3 quite a bit, but I only ever go for Playing With Fire now.

Yeah, I mean, it just is.

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Spacemen 3’s best for me, for sure.

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Great, but (harsh this) once you’ve heard one album, you’ve heard them all.
Saw them at the Apollo around ‘Let it Come Down’, and it was empty, literally about 200 people stood near the front. Pretty depressing but they played on regardless.

Disappointed to see Spacemen 3 don’t appear to be on Spotify :frowning:

This was the peak for me:


I can’t think of a better live album, tbh. (I’ve seen them live twice and they weren’t a patch on how they sounded here). Oh Happy Day, into a wall of noise, into Shine A Light. Beautiful.


Ooofft… that’s nice!

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It’s so good. It was around the time that everyone was wheeling out the London Community Gospel Choir, the brass band, the string section, the full works, but they just did it so well. (Jason Pierce is an exceptional composer / arranger amongst everything else). I would imagine that one or two DiSers were at that gig; I’m mightily jealous of them!

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I was at that Albert Hall gig. It was just mesmerising. In fact, the cleaned-up and overdubbed album that followed doesn’t really do it justice - on the night it was much more raw and intense.

I particularly liked how he slowly built up the orchestra players and choir bit by bit. It kind of crept up on you that suddenly there was this massive ensemble of players on stage!

And the big balloon drop at the end was ace :slight_smile:

I’m also lucky enough to have seen Animal Collective at the “Explosions ATP” when they were exactly at the point you refer to incandenza. That show changed my musical direction…


Ah yeah, the live album can never do it full justice, but still, it’s an amazing album. I love how you can hear balloons popping as the applause fades :slight_smile:

Love the Royal Albert Hall gig. That’s pretty much the pinnacle of J.Spaceman’s career.

Does anyone else really like Recurring by Spacemen 3? It was their last one but they’d stopped working together and so it was pretty much one half prototype Spectrum and one half prototype Spiritualized. I actually like Pete’s side best and far more than anything he went on to do.

This is ace:

and so ace it somehow turned up in the Simpsons:


I really like the 17 minute version of Rollercoaster.

I like Jason’s half of Recurring. Outside of Why Couldn’t I See, Pete’s half is more than a bit chintzy.

Love that album.

I remember seeing the artwork in a record shop when I was just getting into alternative music and it looked so mysterious and magical…

Also, if there’s a better album title than this then I don’t know what it is…