The music of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and J. Spaceman


Ah right, i have that CD but i missed this song! I’ll be digging that album out later to see what else i have missed.

Ladies & Gentleman vinyl reissue being announced imminently (Resident jumped the gun on Twitter but their link doesn’t work).

Juno have it listed already - I’m curious what pressing they’ve used as I’m tempted by the VMP pressing that is back in stock at the moment. The last two reissues have had issues unfortunately.

Still, I’m looking forward to the merchandise for this one, hopefully announcement comes today!

My copy of the LGM reissue is quiet as a mouse. My PP reissue is fine except for a few crackles on disc 2.

I still haven’t listened to mine - did you get the coloured variants? I can’t tell if its the Steve Hoffman brigade just making a mountain out of a molehill

Yes, I got the white LGM and the glow-in-the-dark PP.

Official website isn’t working. The new artwork is terrible

I know it’s the pill tray, but it looks a bit lego-y.

I suppose the original artwork concept is better-suited to CDs, seems a shame to mess with a classic though.

that artwork is horrible. wearing my lagwafis t shirt today out of pure coinky-dink though, that’s nice.

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Genuinely quite angry about the artwork. Might get the VMP pressing and one of the t-shirt cause they are still ace.

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The artwork could be Michael Gove mooning and I would still buy it. I am very excited about having L+G on vinyl!

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Blue vinyl ordered. Don’t mind the new artwork, personally.

Boring alert, but yesterday’s Spz activity made me dream of the band, which happens surprisingly often. Last night it was me hearing a completely new version of Stay With Me, recorded as a duet between Jason and Kate. It even had a melodramatic video of them embracing knee-deep in the Caribbean somewhere, and it sounded amazing. Alas, just a dream…

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Disappointed that it seems like the Elivis version is being used on this edition…definitely think the originally released version is superior

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Pre-orders of this seem to be sold out most places :frowning:

These guys were really good when I was late ordering lazer guided melodies

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I was going to hold firm and wait for the cheaper black, but them when the blue started to sell out very quickly I buckled and ordered one. No self control… :pensive:

On the flip side, I’m very excited to get to finally own this on vinyl! :money_mouth_face:

Also, anyone in London who wants to save on postage with an in-store pick-up, these guys still have some (and it’s a very friendly lovely little shop): Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen.. (Coloured Vinyl) at STP Records - STRANGER THAN PARADISE RECORDS | LONDON

Official store seems to have them I think?

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Oh for some reason this didn’t show when I looked earlier.

I’ve picked up a copy from the link that @mark_h posted above (and ended up spending a little over the £50 limit for free shipping :grimacing: but then this did include a copy of the Low Christmas album on vinyl :heart_eyes:)