The music of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and J. Spaceman

Thanks for the tip! Everywhere was sold out of the blue vinyl apart from this place, so i’ve placed my order with them!

Last one this isn’t it?

I’m not massively fussed on the cover of this but they’ve retained the medically-themed artwork elsewhere on the sleeve. I also liked the picture on the inside of the gatefold:

Apparently this was taken from when the original CD was packaged.

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Think so, for the time being at least. Big fan but IMHO the next few after LICD until the most recent one are a bit patchy (but still worth a listen)

Any idea when this preorder becomes available generally

Probably this afternoon

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I have a huge soft spot for ‘let it come down’… stop your crying is a memory of being at university parties for me (yeah i am not old) so bought it right away this morning…

listening just now - i still like it, i see why a lot do not…

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You bought it this morning? Is it available yet?

Yeah it’s up for pre-order on Bandcamp, you get the digital right away (sorry it was not very clear in my post!)