The music of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and J. Spaceman

Hot take incoming: got into L&G and saw them for the first time just before LICD was released. Like those two records and they were amazing live around then but honestly cannot be arsed with basically anything else of his. Spacemen 3 is like the sound of bored stoned students in the 90s having their minds blown by someone using a reverb pedal. The last time I saw spiritualized live (at ATP doing acoustic mainline) was one of the weakest, laziest sets of music i’ve ever seen. Each new record he puts out is even worse than the last so i’ve given up.

What a party pooper!

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THAT SAID, L+G is an incredible record, obviously

And all for the princely sum of £12.50!!


Shout out for the L&G artwork, obviously:

And the reissue put out by everyone’s favourites, ATP:

The reissue came with a signed prescription on silver paper, which is nice.


New Spiritualized on the way:

No mention of Fucked Up Inside here? My introduction to Spiritualized. What an album.

Saw them at Primavera with the choir and orchestra. Fucking loved it.

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The recent vinyl remaster of Fucked Up Inside (came out on record store day) is really good. The mastering on the original vinyl/CD is really quiet, great album though.

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I enjoy their Wikipedia page more than their music

(not a Leonard Cohen cover. Or a Wham one either)

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This is so fucking good

That track and another one are on Spotify now by the way

yup listening now. If that press release stuff is true its absolutely heartbreaking he doesn’t have the money to be in a studio (though probably not advisable to spend 6 years in a studio is it)

Nor taking so many musicians on tour. Or releasing shitty albums tbf

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Their live shows always looked proper odd with them sitting down.

They only really have two ‘bad’ albums in the form of let it come down and amazing grace, but both still have some great tracks on. Everything else they have done has been pretty great to amazing imo. ‘Huh?’ Is a real highlight

On first listen sounds like something’s missing. It’s too clear somehow.

Absolutely love “A Perfect Miracle”, that’s an absolute belter. “I’m Your Man” is still good, a makes me very excited for the new album.

And there is no way in hell that “Let It Come Down” is a “bad” album. No way, no way!


Pleasant as ever, I see

Let It Come Down is great!


c’mon it has 3 good songs (Do It All Over Again, Don’t Just Do Something and Out Of Sight) apart from that it’s just a sack of cum