The music of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and J. Spaceman


I’m really enjoying this (I’m up to Damaged so far, which is absolutely gorgeous). He’s pursuing his Gram Parsons thing more than any kind of space rock stuff, but anyone following his career should be expecting that by this stage.


Found this record to be absolutely glorious. Love the ebb and flow of the album but love the slower chiller tracks like “A Perfect Miracle”, “I’m Your Man”, and “The Morning After”. If this is indeed Pierce’s last album as he has indicated, what a gorgeous way to go out! Up there for album of the year so far for me.


I’m also enjoying this immensely. So soothing


Nothing they or he did really touches Playing With Fire. Deeply psychedelic gem.


He’s rowed back a bit on the ‘last album’ thing, which isn’t surprising. I imagine it’s hard to just up and quit music after so long. The new album is pretty good on early listens anyway


I absolutely love this new album, it’s put me on a right spiritualized binge. There really is so much to enjoy


He’s very good at marketing his records- from A&E being pitched as a record done on his death bed (iirc it was mostly finished before his health declined) to huh coming with the announcement he was on chemo (but no announcement of cancer). Now he’s doing the death grips 2013-2015 strategy!

Im not suggesting he’s not sick ect but those points are certainly used to give a narrative for critics & listeners to hold onto.


Love spacemen 3, losing touch with my mind is a monster


Really enjoying this new album, it’s probably going to sit as the best of the post Ladies and Gentlemen stuff for me. The Prize is the highlight for me at the moment.


The arrangements on this record are insanely lush! Parts of it kind of reminded of a more orchestrated version of JAMC’s Stoned and Dethroned.


Really liking this album. Looking forward to hearing it more in the next few months.


Why don’t you just listen to it again before then?


Going to give it time to mature.


Well this is just a fucking wonderful record. Wasn’t expecting it to be this good at all.


Oh, this is a thousand times better than “Sweet Heart Sweet Light”. I really wasn’t sure J still had it in him (and I say that as a Spaceman fanboy of the 1st degree) but this album really is gorgeous.


Just in case any J. Spaceman fans missed these, a couple of years ago he made two epic 15+ minute instrumentals for the 2016 Kenzo catwalk shows:



Really wonderful album - perfect for walking around the first nice sunny afternoon in Melbourne in ages!


I see they played the new album in full tonight:


only went and bloody got some spacemen 3 vinyl after reading this thread didn’t i - SOUND OF CONFUSION :sunglasses:


A few Spacemen 3 memories.

My 'For All The Fucked Up Children of this World We Give You Spacemen 3" t-shirt, tie-died, with arms and collar cut off was a big hit with the ladies at gigs.

Spacemen 3 Gigs involved sitting down on the floor to listen to the music. Which was a novelty in the era of mosh pits.

NME awarded the first four or five Spacemen 3 releases “Single of The Week”, and made a big deal about it.

I loved the fact that they named the exact make of guitar that was played on each track.