The music of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and J. Spaceman

Ooooh, nice! I have the original vinyl but it’s a rather scruffy copy and an upgrade would be very welcome. Shame there’s no extra material, but hey ho. Always wanted a LGM t-shirt too. Most tempted by the red one, I think…

Looking forward to the LAG reissue - I’m hoping it’s the brand-new remaster made for a Vinyl Me Please special edition last year. It’s apparently amazing, a massive upgrade on the original, and I’m pretty sure I saw something saying it’d get a wider release eventually. That said, I did like Spaceman’s attitude to the first LAG reissue put out last decade - he was asked if he wanted to remaster the album at the time and he said ‘nah, still sounds great to me’. Refreshing!

Dear lord the white vinyl LGM

torn between gorgeous white and (possibly) better pressing quality black

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A+ Spacemen 3 related delivery day




This is him remixing his own album I see. I wonder how it compares to the original. Must give this a listen.

yeah, it’s 6 remixes and 2 new tracks previously only available on the Japanese edition of the album

awesome kember avatar BTW :smiley:

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ah, I see, yeah was just reading about it on the bandcamp page. Sounds intriguing.
I must admit I haven’t returned to All Things Being Equal all that much, listened to it a few times on release but haven’t found myself returning to it. I enjoyed it, but also found it a bit… strange.

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Pure Phase reissue material now available to order

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The LGM white vinyl sounds great - no crackles at all. I’ve bought so many bad vinyl pressings in the past year so I was really impressed. Definitely going to pre-order Pure Phase as well but probably from an Indie store.

Resident and Piccadilly both have Pure Phase up for pre-order now. I went with Resident.

Pure phase has a version with a hand numbered (not signed!) print at if thats of any interest

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also at normans

I’ve gone with Resident already but I clicked on the record store link and saw they have the last Gia Margaret back in so cheers.

Yeah, i always try and use an indie where possible, but recordstore have some decent exclusives and i’ve always had really good service from them

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Listening to Pure Phase now, it’s really great. Feel like it kind of gets overlooked because of the album either side of it, but it’s not far off either of them.


It’s my favourite Spiritualized record by some margin

Was having a look through Norman Records and came across this, didn’t know about it, sounds intriguing:

J Spaceman and J Coxon: Play The Red Krayola Live 1967 (

Good interview with J about the making of Pure Phase. God, I love that album so much. Can’t wait for the reissue to arrive