The Music Of Tim Heidecker

As in Tim of Tim & Eric.

If you don’t know, he makes some pretty down-the-line MOR yacht rock in addition to his T&E output.

The sort of stuff that has no trace of humour, but because he’s half of T&E you half think that’s the joke.

Anyway, just listening to his new anti-Trump album featuring a track with attention-seeking extraordinaire Father John Misty and thought I’d see what others here make of his musical output.

I like it. Good lookin babies and Cocaine are my favourite ones but that Nicolas Cage one gets stuck in my head all the time.

The Trump album has some good tracks too, the one about the pilot is brilliant

not listened to the new one yet but absolutely loved In Glendale, more than the Heidecker and Wood stuff
pretty deadpan but i still find it very funny
Central AIr :heart:

Thought Ravedeath was a bit shit tbh.


Like Dekkar and DKR the best

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also Neil Hamburger’s Sings Country Winners is good (but not deadpan) and genuinely moving in parts. Mind I was also moved when Will Ferrell and John C Reilly did that duet at the end of Step Brothers

I was going to make the joke that this is a huge departure from his usual work

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would quite like Tim Hecker to do a soft rock album tho

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i’m glad it’s not like ‘musical comedy’ coz that’d be bad, and it is kind of amusing, but i’m not really sure i wanna listen to it

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I think I listened to this on Monday. I don’t think i remember listening to any of it.