The mysterious hidden secrets of the Pyramids

They’re fucking triangles, mate. It’s not that big of a secret is it.



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built by aliens as well, bet you didn’t know that!

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Can’t believe they’ve stopped doing these. After all the fuss they made about them.

Pyramid teabags? More like ‘very mid teabags’ imo

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You really love saying stuff like this

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Pyramints were directly inspired by the custom of ancient Pharaohs to fill their tombs with mint fondant.



Philomena Cunk asking that Egyptologist if they started building at the top and worked down is an exceptional piece of TV.


i don’t think they’re triangles

What the heck are you talking about!?

They’re a load of bollocks tbh, nuff said

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Yeah love it in fairness to me

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they’re not triangles

I reckon they are, famously, one of the most triangular things in our realm (see also: Doritos)

you reckon incorrectly

You ask a seven year old to draw you a picture of the pyramids, you’re getting nothing but triangles from the little prick

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Imagine everyone got their own individual one when they died, each the size of the proper big lads in Egypt. All we’d be doing as a species would be building pyramids, we wouldn’t have time (or room) for anything else.

There’d be a pyramid backlog stretching out for centuries. The logistics don’t bear thinking about.