The Mystery of Catflap Dude (Pet Detectives assemble)

At 3.30am I was awoken by some banging downstairs and then the cats sprinting upstairs and then yowling like I have never heard before.

I went downstairs immediately (I guess some of us are born with brave, heroic blood coursing through our veins). The catflap door was missing and the security light outside was on. I open the backdoor and the catflap door is a full two metres from the house with a crack running down the length of it. So it was smashed OUT!

I definitely turned the catflap to in only at around 9.00pm last night and I think fully locked at around 10.00pm

The cats (and the rest of the family) were fairly freaked out for the rest of the night/morning. I blocked the catflap up with a chair and a few heavy things and have ordered a new one to hopefully arrive today.

What happened?

Your cats tried to get out (maybe they couldn’t handle you going on about being brave so much, idk), knocked the cat flap out then scared themselves (ours does this all the time when she knocks something over etc) and bolted for somewhere they know is safe.

If the catflap was knocked in I would agree but it was knocked OUT.

They are really small and wouldn’t be able to smash the flap OUT. (also thy worship my bravery)

They may have knocked it OUT and the wind did the rest of the work.



I patrolled the garden and it was windless and couldn’t come from the house direction.

You’re off the case, Funk hauser!

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Thank fuck for that!

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Your cat flap became sentient and tried to run away.



Why, thank you.

(is our number one suspect, number 2 is rival cat, number 3 is badger - but this would all mean that I didn’t fully lock the flap)

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Is it a chipped catflap? Could a fox have got into your kitchen, been spooked by your cats and broken the catflap in an effort to get out?

Unfortunately not as the hole cut into the door by the previous residents was too big for a chipped one, there was only one type that would fit. Their food is in chipped bowls though so give off little odour which I would have hoped would keep others away. I think it must have been a fox but that means I didn’t fully lock the flap…

A neighbour’s cat that’d snuck into our house tried to bolt out of the (locked) catflap and just beat the crap out of it til it broke through. I suggest to you that a similar situation occurred in this instance.

Hook hand cat flap door

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assumed this thread was about one of those shite tv shows you watch that no one else does


Balonz fully locked the flap

  • Maybe he did, you know
  • Did he balls

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I’m considering sending out a treatment based on this story.

Not necessarily. If the fox got in, and then found that it couldn’t get out because it was locked, then it could have attacked the catflap until it broke.

Yes but if it was fully locked and not just locked in only then the fox would have to have smashed the flap IN to get in. Unless it had got into the house earlier in the day and was waiting to escape*.

*impossible due to cat super senses