The name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg

Got a bad case of the Mōnandægs this morning team. How’s your week panning out? Anybody finishing for Christmas this week? Got my Chrimbus meal on Thursday.

We spent the weekend with my best man and his TV. Two of the best people I know, and just a lovely weekend of walks, board games, and booze.
Week is going to be busy trying to wrap up a project before Christmas. I don’t think it’s going to happen tbh.


morning J_I,

had an absolute pish nights sleep last night.
anyway, just gonna drink a fuck tonne of coffee. we have our christmas night out this fri.


nothing to report

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Alreet? We bought some new duck down pillows last week and it has made the world of difference surprisingly. Would recommend.


i’m all about latex pillows

Jesus fucking Christ.

Yesterday’s dinner was takeaway sushi washed down with a £1.50 beer that was reduced for being a week out of date. Sushi tasted a bit fishier than usual.

Woke up in the night thinking I was dying. Worst heartburn I’ve ever had.

This morning I threw up just as I was about to leave the house. Thought “Cor, I feel much better for that.” and got in the car to go to work.

Would anybody like to point out at which point I fucked up?

sushi and out of date beer kinda sounds like it was it


think it was a combination of the flat being too warm and my having a million work things buzzin about in my head.

although it was probably to do with the stress brought on by having to wait so long for a new episode of rick & morty :slight_smile:

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Last week of work then SEVENTEEN DAYS OFF. Having not had a single week off work this whole year this is a very welcome thing.

Tonight I’m playing with Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus and I’m absolutely shitting myself. Lydia Lunch is an idol, I hope she doesn’t say something mean to me.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Lydia who?

Lydia Teapot


Good morning, Mull of Kanye!

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Lydia Teapot who?

Made the mistake of getting very drunk yesterday. Started at about 12 because of a family event at a working men’s club. I felt very out of place but it was pretty good craic by the end. Won some biscuits in the raffle.

Really struggled to sleep though, had palpitations till about three in the morning. Feel like shit now and I’m having cravings for a cigarette for the first time in weeks. When I did get to sleep I was dreaming about chainsmoking. Not ideal!

Full week of work this week, and next week. Plus it turns out I will have to work the Xmas/NY gap. At least I’ll get paternity leave soon… ahahahaha.

Decent weekend though, can’t complain there.

Ah shit, pressed reply too soon.

Things are okay here - am actually in a pretty good mood. Not finishing work til 4pm on the 23rd but I have Monday and Tuesday off next week so it’s not all bad. Christmas do this Friday (get the afternoon off), Christmas boxing day style dinner this Wednesday, low key gig on Sunday, daughter’s first school Christmas play tomorrow. Ominous-sounding “transformation briefing” on Thursday morning at work but I’m 90% sure it won’t affect my role.