The name's James Bond

Yeah, I do that as well actually

Which bit?

Putting my pants on one leg at a time

Oh, cool

It was always Slappers Only! for me. Also turbo mode, and lots of people crouching. Basically, very fast people with huge heads skating along their knees at lightning speed whilst slapping each other to death. Lots of fun.


Shaken or stirred?

I’m just watching


Better/cooler/more iconic

  • The names Bond, James Bond
  • My name, oh yes, It’s J R HARTLEY

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like to walk round my house saying “My name, oh yes, it’s J R HARTLEY” in my best old person voice.

We used to do proximity mines and licence to kill mode lots, absolute carnage.


The ‘modern’ version of that was some weapons grade crap:

It worked on some level, whenever someone asks if they can help me, I nearly reply ‘yeah, I’m looking for a trance mix’

Also what the hell kind of name (at the end) is day v lately, it should have been a dj pseudonym of Davy lately, or did tell think this was too complicated for the general public.

Here ends my deep dive on shit ads for completely outdated services

That was a classic too. POWER WEAPONS was always fun too. Walking around with your gardening tool spraying rapid bullets all over the walls.

Which was your favourite arena? Loved Archives as well as Facility.

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The RCP 90? brutal gun, just mashed everything. Loved Facility, gold standard of levels, we worked our how to climb back into the vent on that one. Horrible people (I.e. my mates, would mine the starting positions, we knew them off by heart). Big fan of Bunker as well, you could go outside, destroy the tvs, was well good. On Archives you could kill people with splash damage from the grenade launchers.

Caverns was shit, looked to dark and confusing.


That’s the one! Absolutely brutal weapon. Rockets was great too. Absolutely loved that game. Although anyone who picked Oddjob was a knob, obviously.


Oh yeah rockets were great, totla wreckage. Yeah we banned people using oddjob unless they were really bad at the game.

No Mr Bond, I expect you to post your Wordle score.

People still do this as a bit on the phone to my bookshop

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Aye, James Bond

Loved this on facility when it was 1v1. If you got it right you could just be there waiting for them to spawn and get about 4 kills in a row until they spawned in that bit that’s miles away though loads of doors.

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They could get the body armour easily as well spawning in that bit

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