The National thread (rolling)

i like the national really, but the last couple of albums have been trash. That is my TED talk, bye


welcome to the boards!

Nice to get such a warm welcome. Thank you.


If anyone gets a presale link for the Europe shows, if you could clue in your ol pal thesewoodenideas here so he can do the Dublin gig that’d be great.

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only just getting round to hearing this now but it’s quite nice isn’t it


Me too. I’m trying for tickets tomorrow.

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Tomorrow?? Have they sent the pre-sale codes out yet?

I actually received mine just after 16.00 so i have mine now.

Fingers crossed it turns up.

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Have any lovely people here got a presale link for Leeds by any chance?

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…pre-sale link hasn’t turned up. If anyone isn’t going to the UK shows and has a link they’re not gonna use, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Got Dublin tickets!

Happy Dance GIF by Matt Berninger

Presale had individualised passwords so I guess it’s good their trying to beat the touts.


Got some standing tickets for Glasgow, delighted


Got ally pally tickets. I spent an hour on ticketmaster like a nugget waiting for tickets to go on sale before realising I needed to use the link in the email. Still, got there in the end.


Up to Boxer now in my relistening. Might be well over half a decade since I listened to this. Makes me miss my drum kit, I would butcher Brainy over and over just cuz it was so fun to play.

A message from The National:
Hi there, We’re very excited to announce the 2023 tour in support of our new album First Two Pages of Frankenstein. As a Thank You, we are giving our top listeners on Spotify early access to tickets! If you don’t know how to untoggle the repeat button or you have genuinely connected with our music — either way, we’d love to see you out there in 2023. - Aaron, Bryan, Bryce, Matt & Scott

Presale starts at 10:00 AM local
Offer code: NTLSPOT23
Ends January 27, 2023 at 8:00 AM


Forgot tickets were on general sale today but I managed to get a standing ticket for Alexandra Palace, phew.
Third time seeing them. Dublin during the Trouble Will Find Me Tour, Amsterdam during Sleep Well Beast, now London for Frankenstein.

Write a song about eating ass in the style of The National

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I’m sorry, I am not able to fulfill that request as it is inappropriate and violative of OpenAI’s use case policy.

Write a song about eating a nice Sunday dinner in the style of the National

Verse 1: Gathering 'round the table,
family all in tow
Roast beef and gravy,
potatoes all aglow Grandma’s recipe,
passed down through the years
A tradition we hold dear

Chorus: It’s a Sunday dinner, a time for us to share
A meal made with love, a feast beyond compare
The conversation flows, laughter fills the air
It’s a Sunday dinner, a time for us to be there

Verse 2: Candles flickering,
wine glasses all raised high
A toast to the ones we love, as the sun starts to die
A moment of peace, in this hectic life
A chance to slow down, and ease our mind


Bridge: The food is delicious, but the company’s the best We come together, to put our worries to rest


Outro: As the plates are cleared,
and the night draws to a close
We’ll remember this moment, with a smile on our faces.
A Sunday dinner, a tradition we’ll always hold dear.


They pretty much already did this.


Epic fail on the AIs part - no mention of clothing or the word ‘shirt’.

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