The National thread (rolling)


Unfortunately finding this weaker than Frankenstein, which wasn’t terrible by any means - when I relistened I was surprised how many songs had stuck.

That said, it’s still patchy, and the new one even more so. For me, it’s a case of stitching together one good album from these two, which is the kind of sacrilegious project I quite like tbf.

Grateful for Pitchfork pointing out that 7 minute closer I was dreading is probably the high point, and maybe a ray of light about what they might try next.

Edit to change ‘wasn’t bad’ to ‘wasn’t terrible’


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This going to be the cover of their revivaling “Rock” album aye

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Upgrading from Young Al Snow to Young Rock.
The people’s album!

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Enjoyed this


Tropic Morning News
Grease In Your Hair
Your Mind Is Not Your Friend
Ice Machines
Alphabet City
Deep End
Weird Goodbyes
Smoke Detector

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I find it hard to get excited about The National in the year of our Lord twenty twenty three but I’m glad Space Invader shows the drummer does still exist


Wasn’t that fussed overall but Smoke Detector is good, agree that they should just do more of that

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Was a great night, jealous that I won’t be catching the other tour dates


What time did they come on? Doing Leeds tomorrow.

on at 8.45, played till 11.05 no guest singers this time round so think that helped with the flow of the gig


I’ve ended up being gifted a Leeds ticket so I’m going too.

Looking forward to soccer mommy as well.

Couple of friends ended up going to this last minute, I hadn’t planned on it as I only saw them in Belfast last year, looks like it could have been worthwhile though.

I’ll wait til they come back up north in 10 years.

Playing more than one song from Alligator :+1:

Only playing two songs from Boxer :-1:

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Not sure on etiquette on posting these things here so apologies if this isn’t permitted, but I have a spare ticket for Leeds tomorrow night. It’s seated (so you’d be forced to sit next to me plus 2 friends) - before I put on twickets if anyone is interested let me know.

Face value was £60 but given it’s a solo seat happy to take say £40 or best offer


Will also be at the Leeds gig tonight. Gave the new album a go last night and unsurprisingly it pretty much washed over me, but seeing a few songs live might help bring it to life - plenty of variety in the recent set lists anyway. Soccer Mommy is one that hasn’t ever clicked either despite being a massive fan of most of her musical peers as such. Looking forward to it.

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I hadn’t got listening to Laugh Track much before seeing them in Dublin but I’ve gotta say the songs from both it and FTPOF sounded brilliant live and I’m enjoying those records more now.
From LT Smoke Detector and Space Invader sounded amazing.

Wasn’t overly familiar with Soccer Mommy myself beyond some jokes on here that they ripped off Feeder(?) . They were good and did a fun cover of Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow.

Hope you have a great time !


Well they are head and shoulders the best two songs from that album so glad they are acknowledging that :wink:


Can you recall what time Soccer Mommy started?