The National Victoria Park, London, Sat 2nd June

With The War on Drugs, Future Islands etc. So, process of deduction, it’s Primavera on Thurs / Fri - same with TWOD.

Any idea why there’s this trend for not revealing ticket prices these days? Just let me know how much a standard day ticket is you fuckers.

£65.95 on Dice for a standard ticket. £98.95 for VIP but don’t know what that includes

…includes a whole lot of grey hair and Dads in jumpers.

Not bad. Cheers.

Just up the road from me… probably go to this yeah.

This’ll be good, and I can stumble out the door to it as opposed to trekking to Hammersmith last time.

Also the festival thing with the XX and Lykke Li has the potential to turn out excellent

Sad that this means Field Day, Love Box and Citadel will all have to move to other places but will obviously end up going.




It looks like a wireless line up from 2006.

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Hmm Bjork on a Sunday night of a bank holiday weekend is definitely going to attract twats isnt it?

What makes you say that? I’ve not really encountered any twats at other shows of hers.

Gonna go to this I reckon. Never seen Lorde and Melodrama is my AotY; then there’s loads of other bands that I’ve seen before, but are really good so will happily see them again. LCD are are one of my all time favourite bands and are brilliant live so I’ll always keep an eye out for them, same for Bjork pretty much. Flying Lotus 3D shows are amazing, feels like a long time since Lykke Li and YYYs were last knocking around. Only time I watched Beck before was before Coldplay at Glastonbury where nobody gave a fuck that he was on so it was disappointing, be nice to see a proper show.

That line up is incredible

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Bjork on the Sunday of Bestival 2011 was full of undesirable types, requesting the so called hits. It didn’t help that 8 out of the 17 songs she played were off the as yet unreleased Biophilia, but still.

Does look like a conscious effort to emulate Primavera in London. Any idea of ticket prices for the weekend yet?


There’s a presale on Wednesday, if you sign up to their mailing list.

Just that it will likely be a day out in the sun drinking with no work to worry about the next day - nothing wrong with that of course but just probably not the environment I’d want to see Bjork in (plus the usual Victoria Park sound issues)

I’d imagine more of these types would go along for the more user-friendly Saturday line-up.