The National

  • Alligator
  • Boxer
  • can’t split em
  • don’t like The National and therefore, I don’t like life

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Overall Boxer, but Mr November’s probably my favourite song on either

Alligator out of those two, though any list not including High Violet is for absolute hipster morons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

runs for cover

Alligator without question


I bought their entire back catalogue three years ago off the back of the DIS love in. I then decided to listen to them in real time. That is, move on to the next album roughly 12 years after the original release date.

Autumn 2013 : The National
Autumn 2015 : Sad Songs
Summer 2016 : Cherry Tree

All I can say is that I don’t understand why the first two albums do not have DIS mindhive approval. Can’t fault them, really. I like the 90s post grunge influence and experimenting with different styles unified by Matt’s voice.

I’ll let you know about Alligator next Summer.

Sad Songs is really good, as good as anything they’ve done since Boxer imo, but Alligator and Boxer completely overshadow everything else they’ve put out

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Only really enjoy two songs off Boxer.

Not sure I’d even bother listening to a new record by the Nashers now, but Alligator is still in my top ten GOATs.

Sailors in your mouth
It’s what Thanksgiving’s all about

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it’s funny man, (it’s not) but after about 753 plays of Mr November, I’ve had my fill of it. skip past it these days. I’ll probably dip back in in around March 2023

double in. seems…ok?

I’ve not heard the actual record this is on, but this is a very good National song

Is this like enjoying The Bends without ever hearing OK Computer?

I guess, like whenever I fancy listening to the national I’m gunna stick on one of the big dogs instead of it

been listening to trouble will find me a lot lately, gorgeous album


This Is The Last Time is one of the best tunes they’ve done IMO.

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I did this with pavement albums. Was a great idea :grinning:

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It’s brill. Slipped through to the end is just a ridiculous run.

always boxer!

High Violet really put me off The National for some reason - it seemed like they were going for the big audience way more on it, with lots of forced singalong bits etc.

Luckily Trouble Will Find Me brought me back in.

obvs Boxer and alligator head and shoulders above the rest (boxer is better).

some weird capitalisation going on here

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