The Natwest app is really good

I always feel like I’m getting called out when I get the notification about how much money I just spent.


It’s SO BAD isn’t it? In pretty sure they’ve implemented that horrendous new sign in screen since you posted this as well, so it’s got way worse.

Can you believe those greasy dipshits turned me down for a job working on that app twice? Too good for me are you, co-op bank? Look at your fucking app!


I agree, natwest app is really good. Being able to photograph a cheque is like some kind of magic.

Tbh I think it’s been possible to take photos of them for a long time (as long as photography has existed I’d say), but being able to pay them in via a photo is definitely cool.


HSBC app is a pile of shit (ie it doesn’t always do the things I want it to do)

That’s Nationwide m7

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Kids and grown ups love it so
The happy world of the Natwest banking app


why dont you all just marry the natwest app if it’s so great

I have a mortgage with NatWest. They tell me I can manage it through their app, even though I’m not a banking customer. I have not managed to do this.

Is that if you pay with the app? I use the app but not to pay for things via Google pay or whatever.

Thought this was about the Nationwide app, and was about to come in all guns blazing about that awful app.
But it’s not, so I won’t.
I have RBS’s Scottish version of the Natwesr app, which I really like, so I will give my seal of approval for NatWest also.

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Yes! Not a fan of the new sign in screen at all.

They did?! They dont deserve you, youre too good for them and their shoddy app!

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I only had it for a couple of months, after doing a switch to it to get £200. That was enough. Did a quick switch away from it after I got my money!

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