The NBA Thread


doubt the couple of ballers have made the move to the new boards but anyway…

Predos here:

MVP: Westbrook
Scoring Leader: Westbrook
Rookie of the Year: Kris Dunn
Defensive Player of the Year: Avery Bradley
Team Most Excited to Watch: Celtics
Worst Record in the NBA: Suns
Final: Warriors/Bulls

I’m a casual baller. Don’t know anywhere near enough to make any of those predos though.


Is Westbrook kicking off without KD a thing people are expecting? Seems like a weird one.

Probably the worst effort to enjoyment/reward ratio of any sport.

great vid.


Where’s the best place to watch it? Just streams?

I manage to catch a few games on BT/ ESPN and love it but they only seem to show one/two a week and feel it would benefit me actually following a team. Westbrook is my favourite player by some distance, the guy is crazy.

Enjoyed this video from the Ringer on Joel Embiid. What’s the deal with him? Is he actually gonna be great if he stays fit or is he a bit overhyped (I don’t really pay attention to NBA in the off-season)?

I think Westbrook is a better player without Durant. Both of them loved having the ball in their hands and it was always clear they weren’t the perfect match. Westbrook is gonna fucking shine even more on this OKC team and I’m fucking excited about it. Think MVP Rose athleticism with a far higher IQ.

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aside from BT sport, I’d check out if you’re happy with paying a small fee.

did anyone see westbrooks preseason dunk from a few weeks back?


angry Russ terrifies me, man.

No idea what this means but I’m gonna argue ice hockey anyway

One thing at a time man it’s game 1 of the World Series (also in Cleveland) tonight maaaan.

Apparently it’s only the second time a city has hosted NBA champs and a World Series match in the same night so YEAH

Oof that’s a pretty comprehensive W by the Spurs over GSW.

Also wondered if they might significantly dial down Lebron’s minutes (I guess they still might), especially against teams like the Knicks, but no sign of that (he looked immense in the highlights with a triple-double).

that Iverson one <3

free trial on league pass btw. remember to cancel on Oct 31st if you don’t wanna be charged.

its easily the most entertaining American sport, as evidenced by its popularity in many other countries.

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Oh no, sure, I mean playing it. Physical torture.

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I love playing it but then I’m tall :wink:

aye. I’ve fucked up so many parts of my body playing it, to the extent that I basically experience chronic pain in my shoulder.

Nah, international popularity is tied to loads of things, not just it being entertaining.

The ends of games when there are time outs and niggly fouls etc… probably some of the most frustrating sports viewing there is (though can be tense and exciting if it happens right).