The NBA Thread

stop stinking up the thread football head.

Football does that too tbf

pretty much the only reason I can play to an acceptable casual level. can’t dribble for shit, but can tear shit up in the post all day.

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Yep, but it’s different because football is play by play and stoppages are inbuilt into the game. In basketball the stoppages cut against the flow of play and make it really painful.

I still enjoy it, and I watched more last year than I ever had before, I’m just pointing out an issue with it.

Basketball is arguably just as play by play as football it just has more counter attacks

I think my problems with American football are the massive squad sizes, relatively few games per season, massive emphasis on physical size and its really unaccessible if you wanna play it. still enjoy the odd game and it can be really entertaining though.

I’ve never had a massive problem with timeouts in basketball tbh. its too exhausting a game to play without them and I like how a match can turn on a penny after a good timeout.

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Few games means each one matters, tbf I ignore NBA until after the Super Bowl. Also it is accessible, I played it at uni

its no where near is accessible as basketball though. pretty much every town in the UK has a few hoops and its massively popular in Europe too. you have to go to university to play american football.

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You don’t have to, there’s a whole British league that anyone can join if
they like

Nah, he’s right there, part of the reason for it’s international popularity is that it’s very accessible, you need a hoop and a ball. Kids can go play in the park. A bunch of kids can’t accurately recreate NFL down the rec.

I’m not disagreeing that basketball is more accessible but the original
point made was that Football is inaccessible and all I’m saying is it’s

Alright, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

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Awesome. What a guy, and what a player

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imo you can’t really have an american football vs basketball discussion without bringing up that one of them causes an awful, lethal degenerative brain disease and one doesn’t. regardless of entertainment value, i can’t bring myself to support the NFL, and i’m rarely moralistic about such things.

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They’re doing a lot to combat that tbf, you can’t really get hit in head anymore

Oh come on, I’m an apologist for the NFL but that’s rubbish.

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My point was the first bit

American Football chat in this thread has now been banned.

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So, how about them cubs