The Needle Drop (Anthony Fantano)



I know this has been covered here and elsewhere a while back, but since that Fader article’s been doing the rounds I’ve decided it’s worth its own thread.

Fader’ve basically called out Anthony Fantano’s alt-right shitposting in a fairly muddled article, swiftly followed by the AV Club & NME etc. joining in.

As mentioned above

He has made a bunch of alt-right/neoreactionary/men’s rights/gamergate friends on youtube, namely Sargon of Akkad. He also has spoken about his admiration for cartoonish shitheel Milo Yiannopolous.

Here he is sandwiched in-between a man that told a rape victim “I think we should give the guy that raped you a medal. I hope you drown in rape semen” and a cartoon kangaroo. Fantano uses his segment to tell feminists to drink bleach.

He also cited a disproven alt-right conspiracy theory that BLM activist Shaun King was actually white in his “Resist Colorism” video. People don’t really talk about this, but it is the one moment to me where his antics went from cringeworthy to unsettling.

Anyone here a fan? I can’t say I am, even before finding out all of this.



(Sounds like a bellend)


Not a fan but he covers good shit some times.

Thought this was common knowledge tbh (although admittedly I know more about YouTube politics than most people & more than I ever wanted to) it’s not like the pewdiepie scandal thing where he’s been doing edgy shit lord jokes, he’s actively taken a side in the culture war. I need to stop being surprised when a muscle hipster with a shit mustache is reactionary tbf.


Used to occassionaly watch his reviews years ago, but he was always a bit irritating. His reviews weren’t all that great but he gave time to smaller releases that a lot of larger sites did not. His fans have a really crap habit of posting loads of shite in youtube comments but that’s beside the point.

For the past year/two years he’s had hinted at loads of problematic views, and generally been an all round dickhead. I’m not really adding anything other than to say this has been some time coming and the people defending him are daft!


Always been a cunt

Not surprised


Also the people saying that he’s being satirical/sarcastic - there isn’t any evidence of that.


Althony Rightano


Used to watch his reviews pretty regularly, always skipped the weird bits though. Looking back on it now…I’m not sure I really liked his style…I only really stuck with it as I thought he had decent taste.

Obviously won’t tune in now…except to watch his “response” video (which will inevitably play the Jeremy Clarkson defence and get me riled up).


tbh most of the reddit hivemind are being like ‘duh, it’s shitposting! it’s supposed to be offensive’


I wasn’t aware of this stuff until the other thread posed a link to that article. I watched his reviews now and again, he was an annoying bellend but he appeared to know what he was on about (‘appeared’ possibly being the operative word there). All this though has pushed ‘annoying bellend’ to ‘utter twat who I shan’t bother watching again’.


Yeah this, he always seemed fairly reasonable most of the time to me so I never got why he had such edgy memey types in his comments, but reading some of the stuff around this seems like he has said/done/laughed at stuff that is pretty indefensible so will be interested in what his response is


This is the benefit of watching Youtube clips through Apple TV, you can’t see any of the comments!


Same. Although it’s been clear for a while that he sides more with the alt-right/edgelord/‘antifa are fascists’ gang than with ‘the left’ or whatever, but knowing that made his take-down of Paul Joseph Watson that much more interesting. Everyone has a line, turns out Fantano’s is dissing Beyoncé.

What’s weird is that he clearly doesn’t buy wholesale into the alt-right philosophy, his ‘Why I don’t use the n-word’ video (or whatever it was called) demonstrated that. i think this might be a mix of some genuinely unsavoury views, and a large dose of deliberately appealing to 4Chan types to rack up those view and comment counts. Still makes him a dickhead, mind.


He’s 100% going to use this, isn’t he


I think that’s certainly part of it. As I recall he was always popular on /mu/ (to the extent anything can be popular in a crowd that prizes itself on hating everything) and you don’t get to keep that crowd without playing to their worst instincts now and again.

Not that pretending to be a dickhead is much better than being a dickhead.


I think this is going to make up a large part of his response (alongside the banter defence). “I can’t be alt-right, because I have a black wife and voted for Sanders”. Basically amounts to “I can’t be racist…”


Never saw the point of watching a 10 minute review of an album I could just listen to.

Guy seems like a prick.


Might be because I’m old fashioned but I’ve never really been that interested in watching a music review, far more likely to read one.

It’s incredibly tedious that “irking liberals” seems to be a full time preoccupation for some people though.


Didn’t know anything about his political views (or edgelordism, or whatever) so this is kindof irritating to find out about. Is he just a 4Chan reader with a record collection, then?

I kinda got into his reviews recently, mainly because I like listening to people talk about stuff I already like, and like the way he always has another album in the back of his reviews.


pretty glad all these youtube people came a bit late for me to be bothered with them. pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to tell me shit about music anyway.