The Neil Ruddock Thread

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Neil Ruddock lives/lived very close to where I grew up/where my parents used to live

neil ruddock is a berk imo

There’s an episode of Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away where bailiffs visit Neil Ruddock cause he owes money to some kennels. His wife throws water at the bailiffs and then Ruddock claims he’s paid it but it turns out he hasn’t. It’s quite the rollercoaster ride.

That’s near where I grew up/where my parents lived until recently.

I thought he was a rugby player.


I see you

What? No! This doesn’t count! What?

Haha! Don’t worry pal, just yanking yer chain!

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I saw Neil Ruddock attempt to make his debut for Palace in a preseason “friendly” at Millwall. He was a sub, but couldn’t fit into his shorts so sat down again.


Didn’t we have some clause in his contract that he got paid more if he got under a certain weight?

I vaguely remember that. I think he was Simon Jordans first ever signing and he was in pretty hefty wages when fit.

Remember him being at West Ham whilst also having a slot on The Big Breakfast, and spitting at Patrick Vieira.