The Neon Handshake 15th anniversary tour



WHAT YEAR IS oh I see they’ve addressed this


Vex Red?! That’s a band I genuinely didn’t think I’d hear of again.


A? Jesus Christ.


The 17 year old me has exploded with excitement. The 32 year old me is enthusiastically curious.


I still whack this album on a lot so I’m looking forward to this, might do Nottingham or Manchester since there’s no Leeds date


Classic ma0sm


I think I knew A weren’t that good even when that sort of music was my exact cup of tea as a teenager.


A and Vex Red :smiley:

where’s Fony, where’s Wilt


Anyone who went to the hundred reasons 10yr thing will know that this will be fucking great :grinning:




I remember hating A. Neon Handshake’s still a great album. Riffs really hold up. Think Vex Red have a new album coming out at some point! They’re a bit of a guilty pleasure.


They blew Hundred Reasons away.


Should’ve done symposium at the same time :hugs:


Yup! HR was still a blast but jfc hifh were intense!


i played the opening riff to i can climb mountains at band practice the other day and nobody could remember what it was

how times have changed!!!111!111



I remember hearing Come Face Up on a metal hammer compilation when I was a nipper and thinking it was the greatest, heaviest thing I’d ever heard. Listened recently and good God, the lyrics.


let’s face it guys they had like three good tunes


I seem to remember the inlay card to their album was printed incorrectly so it folded the wrong way, but they’d had too many printed to get it fixed.