The Neptune Music Prize 2023 ⚓︎ The Shortlist

No not possible sorry

It used to be public tho didn’t it?

Surprised by this tbh, yes you can make polls public. There’s a tick box option. Pretty sure polls for this have been public in the past, that way you can see all the people with 0 posts who have signed up to the forum just to vote in the poll !

  • Making a test
  • A testing poll
  • For testing
  • Test
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I’m not seeing the option on mobile. Will open my laptop in a bit.

EDIT: Show who voted is hidden at the bottom :person_facepalming:

At the bottom of the screen. Edit i see your edit!

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Seeing if we can do anything

Have to say as much as I would probably have more interest in a poll just of dis regulars, I think given this poll has been open more widely I don’t think there’s a need to make the voters public - even if it does turn out that a bunch of new accounts voting for one option have swayed it, it’s not like there were rules saying not to do that so think it’s probably fine.


I’m getting there. The Lanterns on The Lake album is sounding promising.

Nope, scrap that, it’s turning out to be very beige.

Let’s see what Mhaol has to offer…

The Rozi Plain LP is absolutely lovely so that’s a good discovery.


O rly? Name them all


The Beach Boys and The Vengaboys


Beano legends



Looks like Martha have half a chance of winning this! Haha

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I wouldn’t vote for 'em though

Gonna vote for Daniel Avery, assume that’s our beloved @Avery


That’s a very safe assumption to make, assuming safe assumptions are your cup of tea.

I don’t think they are actually. Vote withdrawn

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Curses and botheration.


Two hours to go :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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If Martha win then I’m calling the cops


What do you mean ‘IF’ ? Have you seen the latest scores?! :neutral_face: