The neptune music prize is a sham!


I have uncovered evidence of the use of illegal means to gain votes, namely for the band Black Peaks.

Please see my first piece of evidence;

Here you see the band hustling for people to open an account purely to vote for the band, which is FRAUD. They do this not once, but TWICE.

Please see also my second piece of evidence;

Here you see schematics for the band’s plan to defraud the Neptune Music Prize vote.

Pretty serious stuff. I’m going to give Sean 48hrs to REMOVE all ill-gotten votes before taking this to the press.


Hang on, it seems the whole THING is a FIX!!!


We need a rule in place to stop this from happening. Maybe people should have to post 10 times before being able to vote.



I say 50 posts, just to ween out those pesky lurkers we read so much about but hear so little from.


Works for me


Then it’s Agreed!


Maybe you should apply to be the new chair of the Labour Party?


It’s funny how a band begging for votes with major label backing still couldn’t win a poll though.


Quoting this to see if I get the badge.


Quoting this to see if I get the badge.


Totally worth it.


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Folks getting upset about public music votes? Bunch of Pete Watermans the lot of you :slight_smile:


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