The Neptune Prize 2016 - What would you have nominated



To save too much negativity in the comments beneath the list, post here about the albums you recommend people should investigate that weren’t nominated for this year’s Neptune Prize.

They need to be albums by British or Irish artists released between early July 2015 and mid-July 2016 (someone can tell you the exact dates as I can’t seem to find them just now)


Clark - The Last Panthers
Metronomy - Summer 08
Underworld - Barbara Barbara…


I’m really pleased to see Meilyr Jones on the list but my other favourites that missed out are Commontime by Field Music, Grapefruit by Kiran Leonard and Tindersticks latest The Waiting Room.


Definitely Field Music.


Autechre - elseq


Flowers - Everybody’s Dying To Meet You
Beth Orton - Kidsticks
Kate Jackson - British Road Movies


Three good choices, all better than all the albums on the list


My suggestion oozes with bias but the debut self-titled album from Starless is something I think people should investigate. A fantastic album recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, composed and produced by Paul McGeechan of Love & Money with vocal appearances from the amazing Paul Buchanan who recently featured on the David Bowie Proms and Julie Fowlis who song on the Brave soundtrack just to name a few.


United Vibrations - The Myth of the Golden Ratio

Mammal Hands - Floa


Emmy The Great, which I already kicked off about in the other thread.

Also Trust Fund’s Seems Unfair.


The nerve of this sean guy, coming along and nagging his website


A Mote of Dust - S/T (formerly of Aereogramme/The Unwinding Hours)
Cold, Cold Heart - How the other half live and die
PAWS - No Grace
Rick Redbeard - Awake Unto


Anybody else enjoy EL VY - Return to the Moon?

Has to be Exploded View for 2017 :smiley: