the new BBC logos

the iplayer one is cursed.

I know they changed the logo to an inhouse font to save on costs, should’ve shelled out for comic sans imho.

Oh yeah that screams sport



could’ve just slapped a ring around that and it’d be vaguely ballish, job done

Best BBC logo:

  • 50’s 440px-BBC_logo_(50s-60s).svg
  • 60’s 440px-BBC_logo_(70s).svg
  • 70’s 440px-BBC_logo_(80s).svg
  • 80’s 440px-BBC_logo_(pre97).svg
  • 90’s 440px-BBC.svg
  • New one BBC_Logo_2021.svg

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Weird how badly they’ve presented these

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Like what is this?

Why’s it a photo of a telly and the logo isn’t even white

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should have included Sir Alan Sugar, pointing at it


Wasted so much money

I made an incredible branding package in like two minutes


awful and pointless

At least by ditching the Eric Gill font they’ve severed connections with another paedophile.


On at 5.15 on the newly rebranded BBC One


Still got all the statues though

The new one is good

The one with the red blue and green lines underneath is voted the best because you remember it from your childhood x


Think the new one is pretty good
Does look a bit more modern, and a bit more international
They would get slated whatever they do really

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I don’t like the blocks for the different categories tho
Not into the slightly different shades

i think it’s good and i like the block things for each different bit. ok bye

the new ones will be wrongly fondly remembered from someone else’s childhood *

(they won’t be remembered for reasons including everyone being underwater)

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Getting slight Hacienda/Factory Records vibes, especially from Sport. When in Salford/Manchester I guess.