The New Football Thread


With Ipswich vs. WBA tonight. Bring back the nations league of nations.
Bald fraud exposed at the London stadium tomorrow.
Too early to call it a 6 pointer at the neutral thunderdome.
90,000 absolute embarrassments at Wembley for spurs-Chelsea.
Wigs - Arsenal should be really good
Burnley - Newcastle will be a game on the television

Atletico - Bartha tomorrow night too



I believe Spurs are capped at around 60,000 seats at Wembley


Will be on a bus during the Chelsea game. FUCK.


Probably gonna have to leave a match early for the first time ever tomorrow thanks to a moronic bit of train booking so expect late drama at Old Trafford whatever happens!


They always score!


camera pans to a lonely tone waiting in the rain at the station on his own, listening to the final 5 minutes of the match on a portable radio


Tone drops to his knees, closes his eyes, and puts his hands in the air´


Can’t see where Bournemouth’s next win is coming from tbh. Lucky we’ve amassed 20 points and most of the league is really crap though


Hope he gets booed as he’s leaving and everyone starts chanting ‘LOYAL SUPPORTER, LOYAL SUPPORTER’ and he tries to have a protracted conversation to everyone about how he made an administrative error while booking his train and because of this he misses his train.


This is quite an unkind thing to hope for


I hope you have a fun and nice time and you make your train and there are no goals in the time you’re away from the stadium and that United win and the train is really quiet and empty and not full of braying fans because you’ll be leaving earlier than most others at the ground.


how much earlier?


Not seen many United home games recently have you


I think if I put a real spring in my step and there’s not much stoppage time I could probably just about stay to the end (with a potential bit of light jogging on my exit). If I’m sensible I’ll probably leave around the 83rd minute mark.


just remembered a time I was sat in the home stand (outer east) at Dean Court while watching us play Colchester (or some of the other muck we used to knock about with) and there was a bloke wearing an Arsenal puffer jacket, like that Wenger one…at a bmouth game…really regret not doing some violence

  • That’s disgusting
  • wear what you like at the football blahblah

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what if utd are losing, you might miss 20mins+!?


Hahaha! This is a reference to when we used to be good, right? And everyone would moan about things like “Fergie time” and stuff like that because they were annoyed about the fact that we were so dominant?

I really miss those days.


Boxing day football

  • Always
  • If my local team are at home
  • Decide on the day
  • Never

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The Urinary Tract Infections always seem to play the Codheads on Boxing Day so have been to a fair few home fixtures.


Me and my brother are taking our loving partners to watch Colchester United vs. Stevenage at the Colchester Community stadium this year. They are very lucky to have us


has this been posted on here already?