The New Football Thread


He’s no Pilgrim Pete (despite being our mascot, I have a huge personal grudge against PP, but it’s a long story)


i one day hope to hear this story, although I appreciate today may not be that day


once performed a wanker sign to billy the badger at fulham sitting with fulham fans and was told to ‘fucking stop it’ by my fulham m9



Bit miffed that they don’t tell you which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong.

(Or maybe they do and I’ve missed it)


He’s no Corky the Cheetah!


Ok here goes. When I was around 11, Argyle had an open day pre-season where you could go and meet the players, look around the ground etc. Me and my mate were having a great day, met all the big names (Colin Wanker, Ronnie Mauge etc) and that. One of the activities was taking penalties on the pitch against Pilgrim Pete. I got in the queue, got to my turn, took a probably very intense looking run up and belted the ball towards the top left corner. My 11 year old brain was going mental with excitement at this point, about to score a goal at Home Park, when Pilgrim fucking Pete stuck a big foamy glove out and pushed the ball round the post then did a little celebratory dance. I think I just stared at him in disbelief then stormed off. Now I know that it’s almost definitely a different person in the suit now, and we may even be 6 or 7 Pilgrim Petes down the line, but I cannot and will not ever forgive that giant foam-covered Mayflower cunt.

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KLOPP CHARGED onto the pitch to celebrate a late winner and has landed an FA misconduct charge as a result


Bad boys 4 lyf.


Really bothers me that Pete has a 1 on his shorts but an outfield shirt on. Typical of the prick.


a victory for rulebooks everywhere


In an alternate universe somewhere, Michael Owen turned to Pilgrim Pete on that day and said ‘well done, he’s 11’.


they don’t, but someone posted a link to the answers separately so you can mark it yourself


superb :smiley:




Ah, yes, I’d missed that.


bloody hell, wasn’t expecting a late in the day savaging from yer man Markcee there, what a wild ride these couple days have been


Swift. Should be able to get the t-shirts in support of Klopp in these tough times of injustice printed in time for Burnley on Wednesday.


The answers do include the questions for the rest of the week so I have ruined tomorrows for myself


Remember when England scored a goal and Clive Tyldesley said ‘Justice for the England 11’. What a weird thing to say that was


‘Clive Tyldesley… what a weird thing to say’.

Not for me, Clive.