The New Football Thread


Honestly thought they were gonna go unbeaten, reckon Pep was going for it too. Guess there’s just the quadruple now, chump change though really isn’t it, in comparison.


Dunno, I’m ‘working’.

I’ll let you know when I see it on Match of the Day in a bit.


Find it weird how the invincibles is seen as the default great PL team at times.

Unique pretty special achievement but it’s undermined a little by getting beaten in the cups. And the aim of football’s not not-losing (in a specific category of matches)

For me generally the huge points tallies and sides that accumulated loads of other trophies rank a lot higher; City last year, Man U 99 and 07-09, Mou’s first Chelsea. Maybe even the double winners of 98 and 02.


It’s mainly that they played better football and had better players than all the above, ignoring City as we’ve already had this discussion. Plus the fact the unbeaten thing isn’t just about winning lots is why it’s notable/remarkable - there’s much more romance to the idea of going unbeaten than there is getting a load of points.

Ultimately who cares, everyone’s gonna argue for a different team being ‘the best’ based on their agenda


Hadn’t realised Sane is now a bit crap.


I hated Mourinho in the mid-00s and Ferguson and Man United just as much but I’m personally more impressed by what those those teams did and the records they broke/the trophies they won. This isn’t a partisan argument, but obviously subjective with no conclusion yep


scorers: Kante and Sideshow



That red card was ridiculous


Was that a backheel in the buildup? Mourinho will have him training with the kids for weeks.


Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa.

Signed him from Watford have they?


Don’t understand how it’s 2018 and Wayne Hennessey still starts for Palace


Proper Super Sunday tomorrow then.


Copa Lib though. My bust out my fake Riquelme shirt.


I for one cannot wait for our waiter lookalike of a manager to pull out another managerial masterclass against your high flying Wolves to the tune of 0-0.


jfc which sadist decided to pair wrighty and keown on MOTD? how the hell is lineker supposed to manage that? it’s just inhumane.


Wish sterling didn’t play for city. I like him


It’d be nice to think the tabloids might change their tune following his latest (entirely reasonable) comments. Not going to hold my breath, though.


Been the worst top level keeper for years


Winter calling this out is a bit hmm, as right as he is


The sun are reporting on the Instagram post but completely ignoring the press bit :joy: