The New Football Thread


Just the 10 full internationals playing for united tonight!


Fellani to score anytime + a 1-1 draw

£3112 - £3,111 staked


Lots of quality rested for Manchester United. Got to worry for whoever they’re playing this weekend


Spurs team today with Trippier, Alderweireld, Rose, Winks is the one that should have played Sunday. Swap Lucas for Dele though.

Poch out!!!


Ferdinand talks a lot of shit doesn’t he?


He’s a pundit, it’s basically his job


rio or les?


this’ll be jose’s last match in charge of man utd

what an utterly underwhelming few years its been.


i’ve enjoyed it, tbf


Me too but he’s just not vaguely been a worthy adversary has he. A shadow of the Pep-Jose Barca/Madrid years.

Also the implosion feels like a slightly sad rehash of what we’ve seen before


Funny that there’s a footballer called Mee, isn’t it? Ian Dowie just said “Mee and Tarkowski were brilliant last year” and the commentator didn’t say any of the very funny things you could say in response to that.


It’s Old Trafford and it’s Mourinho. 1-0 to Utd.


And it’s dancing!


‘it’s Mee or N’Gog’ is probably the worst of the many bad fantasy team names I’ve had over the years


Real shame they haven’t got a player called Yu or similar.


Tbf this would be very very funny too


The only bad result for the neutral is also the thin that will happen (teeth pullingly dull 0-0, described as a Mourinho masterclass post-match)


And it’s live!



Evening mates.

Here to live blog some hateful takes on this evening’s action again.