The New Football Thread


Usually good ones on reddit soccerstreams.


That’s what my mate is using tonight. Apparently he’s having a mare


Juan Mata will definitely come on and score a goal.


Lol they’re cunts


Always shit, I just don’t bother


Gave up trying to find one for Spurs Southampton tonight.


My mate says it’s very hit and miss.
There’s one site he always finds links to on Reddit, that sometimes is very good but other times it keeps dropping. Apparently. Or so my mate says.


“You can tell Christmas is coming with all these cards”
-Steve McManamanamanaman


Wow is Marriner spineless. Gives anything as long as the United players protest hard enough.


Yeah my mate was watching the nl derby on Sunday with no issues but today apparently the same site isn’t working for her at all.


I am disappointed with the way Arsenal have played during that half of football.


? All the yellows were deserved and there’s been nothing controversial


He’s changed his mind twice cos of United protests.

Also Bellerin’s foul was as basic as you can get.

Anyway only talking about this cos the game’s boring.



It was identical to the lingard one a minute before


The only time there’s been any real crowding around the ref was after the rojo foul?


Apparently the half time entertainment is just Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira, in the centre circle, each stripped to the waist, reenacting one of the league’s best ever moments by pointing and making menacing faces at each other.



Nice to see us run about a bit.
Not much quality from either side.

They’ll be a red in the 2nd half and whoever gets it will lose


Missing Xhaka’s decision making and passing so much. The midfield look aimless on the ball. Not really sure how to fix that aside from maybe going two up top like on Sunday and changing the focus a bit.