The New Football Thread


My pal has that and he says he’s never ever got a stream that doesn’t lag like hell after a few minutes


truly the end of times…


Hahaha fucks sake. Fuck worm-eater and his gammon twats.


Have bt just sacked off half time analysis altogether? Or did I just miss all of it getting a drink?


Wolverhampton Wanderers have equalised against Chelsea


Had enough of experts m8


Liverpool losing their wigs merely days after securing the league title




Could be on for 6 1-1 draws tonight

Edit: jinxed it


your pal might want to re-evaluate his internet providers, then, or check the ports on his router. my mate has a 150mbps connection though.


Twats didn’t even give us a guard of honour.





Wolverhampton Wanderers have taken the lead against Chelsea.


Did I say Liverpool? I meant Chelsea


Preferred way of describing a lead:

  • “Wolves are 2-1 up against Chelsea”
  • “Wolves are 2-1 up on Chelsea”

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Firmino’s teeth are nice aren’t they.




  • Back
  • In crisis

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Not sure why this is set to closes in a day. Just gonna close it now


Yeah, not seen that before.