The New Football Thread


Looking at the stats, I’m not sure we even played well tbf.


never mind, that’s a wipe. good stuff.


Haha Matic MoTM


Solid ruining of fantasy gameweeks from Charlie Austin


was feeling well smug about Alonso -> Alderweireld as well


Wouldnt be a Fellaini cameo without an elbow to the back of the head (hair pulling is a new part of his repertoire tbf)


I know Man United are shit and everything, but I’m happy enough with a point considering the two injuries forcing Emery into changes. Think bringing Lichtsteiner on instead of switching to a back for when we were playing quite badly was a mistake but oh well.


Entertaining game.


done remarkably well in fantasy overall given that i captained sterling with alonso as vice


Latest reactive take: 4th will be between Chelsea and Arsenal this season.

For the points accumulated and new manager plaudits, it still doesn’t feel like I’ve seen either of them play well on more than a handful of occasions


The virus trio made us shit when they came on.


Satisfying win, especially given how nervy it was, but very worried about Joe Gomez who went off on a stretcher (looked like an ankle injury, didn’t even try putting any weight on it). Been our best player this season.

Keita was properly at it, which is nice timing.


We looked dead, which is understandable given the Spurs game, but not beating a Man Utd side completely there for the taking yet again is hugely frustrating.


Weird how Matic got man of the match when he did nothing.


Literally every player on the pitch was shit.


I think Torreira was best, and Aubameyang did alright from not much.

Everyone else I agree.


Thought the goal where he headed out of de geas hand was a goal


Very stupid game that. Reds Vs Blues levels of daftness.


I thought that was Torreira’s worst game for Arsenal and Aubameyang missed a sitter to win it.